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Feed your Mind, Feed your LIFE

Robert Owens Australia Ironman

Over the course of my life I have learned the value of mentoring, guidance and sound judgement. From traveling around the world with Dr. Ed Cole and watching stadiums of Men gather fully engaged in pressing in to become something more to now where I am able to pass it forward with the several people who now cling to me.

Over these past few years things have changed so drastically I aspire to give all the credit back to these many people who invested so much into helping me go father. True I did the work as all must, but had I not pressed in and they not found some time to share with me, I would not be where I am today.

Recently I have upped my game by establishing some more demanding routines that will, once converted to automatic Habit, will give me the fuel and momentum to continue my upward trajectory.

I want to pass this on to anyone open, willing, humble and broken. I’ve seen worlds change my whole life and the ones that did posessed these qualities. It takes a lot of work to get to the root of an issue, thought or learned coping automatic response.

Feed your head positive material (good people, thoughts, conversations, but most of all read to grow your mind healthily). Fill your thoughts early with food to think and meditate on throughout your day. This is the practice of taking your thoughts captive and not allowing the person with the bad day down the street to occupy your mind when you have the misfortune of having to engage with them and their craziness. We all have our days, I just try to keep mine to a minimum.
Help yourself succeed by organizing your day with series of small wins before you have to even leave your house. Life will bombard you with… Life, whether people, places, issues if we don’t dictate and pre-establish the types of days we are going to have we will be left to deal with whatever is thrown at us.
Re-evaluate your goals every 6 months to keep moving forward on new things. You’ll be surprised before your half way through (“,) how much can happen when we start to doing the work…
Give back and connect with your community. I believe we are only as good to humanity as what we give back. If your not your just taking up space. If you can’t give much give time, it will do more for you than anyone. When I see “the world” in its rawest form I know I (even in my lowest point.. homelessness) was still quite lucky.
Do this to get a great start, ultimately we are social creatures and we a person not engaging with people is a like a bird that cannot fly. They are missing the point. It is about the people, memories, and stories. We are not a crazy as we may let ourselves believe from time to time. Human Existence in essence doesn’t change. For example: life, death, puberty, relationship, anxieties, fears, resentments, hope… The things that make us human are common and when we ignore our heritage of experiencing life to the fullest, not just surviving but thriving are we able to break free from the feelings of being stuck or oppressed.

Your Best days are still yet to come, live the life of your dreams and pay now to play later or play now and pay later…

I’m in the middle of The Power of Habit, I highly recommend as well.. I am also training for my first Ironman in November and this is a short piece that was sent to me as a supplemental part of my sports physiological prep and food for thought.

“I just thought I would send you this pic fro the Western Australia Race.
This was the Bike I rented. Notice the black oval thing in the back wheel. It was like a Costco Bike. I had the arrow bars put on but they only fit in a position where the bars were placed really narrowly together. That in turn caused my elbows to be in a real close position to each other…

And that meant that I couldn’t expand my lungs for air because my chest was unable to expand with my arms so close together.

So, I would get winded. I couldn’t take deep breaths and I had to get up on my hands to get food air then drop down on my elbow/arms and just tough out the 112 miles….

The reason I mention this is that in every race there is always something that is an unexpected challenge to work through.”

Robert Owens, International Speaker, Ironman Race Trainer, Leadership Training


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